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Follow the journey of Chris Coddington as he interviews Automotive Professionals about the past, present and future of a revolution started by his father, legendary Hot Rod builder, Boyd Coddington. The Hot Rods by Boyd Podcast jumps headfirst into everything automotive. Whether it's traditional hot rods, full customs, motorcycles, off road, we talk to all the movers and shakers and the people making things happen in their respective industries.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. HRBB Podcast Ep22 - Simo

    "It's the coolest shit you could do.... so don't do it." Wise words from our old frined Simo. He joins us to talk about working for Boyd and Jesse James back in the day, riding Harleys through Mexico and being a Life Coach for young Chris. ...


  2. HRBB Podcast Ep21 - Ben Vasquez

    Ben Vasquez from Eastside Garage pays a visit to the the studio to talk about learning his trade at WyoTech, working in Boyd's Garage and his journey along the way to owning his own succesful fabrication shop. Also, this episode we are doing our first giveaway so make sure to ...


  3. HRBB Podcast Ep20 - Mike Curtis

    Episode 20 in the books with machining guru Mike Curtis. We get the full story from Mike from his younger years as a child gearhead in Colorado to sending a letter to my dad and taking a tour of the Boyd Coddington shop to becoming an industry influencer and machining ...


  4. HRBB Podcast Ep19 - Mike Schott



  5. HRBB Podcast Ep18 - The Bauder Brothers

    Starting back in the 1970s my dad hung out with a group of guys that lived and breathed hot rodding and changed the way the rest of the world looked at custom cars. They were friends and they pushed and influenced each other. At the top of that group was ...