Episode 18

April 12, 2019


HRBB Podcast Ep18 - The Bauder Brothers

HRBB Podcast Ep18 - The Bauder Brothers
Hot Rods By Boyd The Podcast
HRBB Podcast Ep18 - The Bauder Brothers

Apr 12 2019 | 02:17:28


Show Notes

Starting back in the 1970s my dad hung out with a group of guys that lived and breathed hot rodding and changed the way the rest of the world looked at custom cars. They were friends and they pushed and influenced each other. At the top of that group was Bob Bauder. A true hot rodder in every sense of the word. Since Bob's passing in 2017 we've really taken some time to reflect on his influence and appreciate it. For the first time in many years the Coddington and Bauder boys got together to sit down, reminisce and share stories of our fathers and what it meant to us to grow up around hot rodding. Gregg and I had a great time talking with Danny and Brad Bauder. Hope you enjoy too.

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